Cure for saving Earth from “global warming” is more ABORTIONS, according to Democratic-Socialist-Communists

As we read about what’s really happening in France with mass protests over the “climate accord” agreement, we learn that it was all about taxing the working class for more big government control and wealth “redistribution.” Had Trump bought into the big lie, all fuel in America would currently be taxed and probably limit-capped, so nobody could travel freely throughout the U.S. anymore. Our fuel would be limited and monitored through GPS tracking, and Americans would be fined and eventually imprisoned for going over “limits” set. Maybe that’s why over 50 million Americans voted for Trump in the first place — they realized how much money America was already wasting and wanted some serious change.

It turns out Trump was right. It’s all part of the “climate change” scam led by Al Gore. Another facet to the climate change propaganda demands we all participate in population control. Kill your babies before they come out of the womb is the message from the top, including from Planned Parenthood.

Bernie Sanders claims the world is “burning” up because we’re having too many babies, and Ocasio-Cortez, who wants America to look like Venezuela as soon as possible, is dictating all the terms, and she’s not even holding office yet. Just listen to this sound cloud for the details.

Church of global warming promotes abortion for climate “control”

The Left says that the best way to save Earth from spontaneous combustion (that’s only a few years away, according to them) is to “educate women” about reproductive rights. Translated out of Communism and into English, that means more women need to have more abortions. Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders and Al Gore travel the world in Lear-jets to lecture us on fossil fuels. How ironic.

If the Communist-Socialist-Democrats can’t get their way with a “Climate Accord” agreement, then they’ll resort to plan C. They’ll coat Earth’s atmosphere by “terraforming” – basically covering the sky using chemtrails with sulfur dioxide via huge planes costing taxpayers $2 billion a year, to block the sun from feeding the world. This is all part of the depopulation agenda, along with GMOs, vaccines, opiate-based pharmaceuticals, and “Planned Parenthood” centers conveniently placed in crowded cities.

Extreme Liberalism means do not tolerate anyone who disagrees with you

Bernie Sanders holds more “town hall” meetings than any other politician. Meanwhile, similar preaching from the Left claims starving to death is better than being “repressed.” Crazy Ocasio-Cortez wants everyone to live for free in America by paying 70 – 90 percent income taxes so we can all get free healthcare, free income, free food, free college, and perpetually vote for more police-state Communist-Democrats to rule America. Supposedly, this will save our planet from extreme heat and racism.

Tune into for more exposure of the ongoing plan to save planet Earth, as invented by the new Communist-Socialist-Democrats.

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